SummerPark La Crusc

SummerPark La Crusc

Summer adventure land

This summer-time adventure land for the entire family awaits with countless exciting and informative play stations

At the new SummerPark La Crusc, children can embark on an exciting adventure. The stations on the circuit trail are connected to one another and offer young people many novel and entertaining possibilities for fun. There is also plenty to amuse older visitors such as panning for gold, paying a visit to the dragon cave, or engaging in a funny marmots battle. You will find water games, too.

The popular giant chairs made of wood, the mini petting zoo as well as the hut with photo exhibition are integrated into the SummerPark. The theme of the photo exhibition will change each year and in the hut there are book to have more information about the theme.

Play stations at the SummerPark

Stations at the SummerPark La Crusc

Thanks to its favourable location at the top of the first lift of the mountain station, the SummerPark profits from both afternoon and evening sun.

The circuit leads visitors past two huts allowing parents to relax on the terraces while their children play.

These are the stations of the SummerPark:

  • Dragon cave.

    • Journey to the dragon cave and search for mystical creatures (dragon quiz with surprise). The legend of the terribly “Dragon of Santa Croce” (ladin: Dragun de Sas dla Crusc) will be told, too.
  • Water games:

    • Observe the interplay of moving water.
  • Gold station:

    • Try your luck at panning for gold.
  • The Legend of Aurona:

    • Once upon a time in the Dolomites of Arabba, there was an underground kingdom, very rich in gold, where a day… Discover the legend and take with you the book of Aurona.
  • The marksman of La Crusc:

    • Put your accuracy to the test and become a master marksperson
  • The marmots battle:

    • Enter into combat with the marmots battle!

Other new attractions

Other new attractions for children:

  • The ball is rolling…

    • Curves, chimes, a maze… just some of the obstacles to get past as you guide the ball to the finish down the extra-long wooden run. But there is a reward at the end: the wooden ball can be marked with a personal message and taken home as a souvenir.
  • The legend of Dolasilla

    • The new displays meanwhile tell the fascinating tale of Dolasilla, Princess of the Fanes, considered among the greatest archers in the land as her magic arrows never missed their mark. Yet a terrible fate awaited her…
  • Let’s create together the church of La Crusc

    Workshop for children, aged 8 – 14

    Do you want to create together the church of La Crusc/Santa Croce?

New Summer

The ladins legends of the Kingdom of Fanes

Each attraction of the SummerPark is symbolically connected to a Ladin legend of the Fanes Kingdom. The third book has been written, it tells the adventures of kings, princesses and knights in a mystical and fantastic world in the magical Dolomites landscape.

You can get these books at the SummerPark for free. While reading, you will travel into the past discovering the mysterious sphere of the Ladin legends.

At the moment you can get 3 legend book – you find theme at the top of the lift station La Crusc 1, near the entrance of the SummerPark:

  • Legend of the Kingdom Aurona
  • Legend of the Princess Dolasila
  • Legend of the Dragon of Santa Croce (Dragun de Sas dla Crusc)

Lauré tla natöra - Smartworking

Lauré tla natöra


NEW SUMMER 2021: Smartworking

In La Crusc / Santa Croce, this summer you can take your PC or tablet with you and, surrounded by a breathtaking view, at the feet of the imposing Sas dla Crusc mountain, you will have the opportunity to work remotely.

In addition to enjoying the excellent mountain air, you can follow your work activities relaxed on the giant wooden deck chairs

Discover more: Wifi free zone La Crusc

Relax zone

Relax zone

In the SummerPark you find a relax area, middle in the wood, where you can enjoy quiet and a magic panorama on the Dolomites of Alta Badia.

The relax zone waits for you with there attractions:

  • Giant chairs: See far and wide from atop the giant wooden chairs.
  • Get comfortable on the “bear,” “rabbit,” and “chamois” animal loungers.
  • Discover the photo exhibition with every year a new theme. The theme of this year: “The Church of La Crusc/Santa Croce”.
    Last summer a photo contest was organized with this theme and a lot of great shots were sent for participation. This summer you can see the best pic of the church.

Mini zoo

Mini zoo

Among the game station there is a mini zoo with alpacas, donkeys, rabbits, pygmy goats. The children will be able to watch feeding the animals.

Do you know the characteristics of the animals? Discover them all!

Did you know that alpacas come from South America? They even have three stomachs for digestion and eat about one kilogram of vegetables a day, but in return they drink little …

Theme path

Theme path “Tracking wild animals”

Starting at the “Lee” mountain hut, take the “In the tracks of animals” educational walk which extends through the forest on trail no. 7 to the Le mountain lake (Ladin “Lech dla Le”), which is just 400 metres away.

Along the way, marvel at sculptures of well-know animals like eagles, owls or bears, which have been carved by local artists from larch or pine wood.