4 Peaks Alta Badia

4 Peaks Alta Badia: four summits, one challenge

Extreme athletes have been able to face a new, exciting challenge in La Crusc since the spring of 2019: “4 Peaks Alta Badia”. Anyone who manages to climb all four peaks in the Sasso di Santa Croce group in just one day earns the title “Alta Badia Mountaineer”.

Everyone who takes on the “4 Peaks Alta Badia” challenge can look forward to adventure, adrenaline and breathtaking views. The aim is to climb the four peaks Sasso di Santa Croce (Sas dla Crusc 2,907 m), Cima Dieci (Piza dales Diesc 3,026 m), Lavarella (3,055 m) and Conturines (3,064 m). This is a challenge which tests climbers to their limits even when attempted in stages. Now extreme athletes can take it on, but in just one day (total time: approx. 11 hours).

The wild side of the Dolomites

These demanding tours take you literally up hill and down dale. Climbers follow well-maintained trails, paths and also via ferratas up to the peaks through the awesome Dolomites, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Some exposed, unsecured sections of the route add an extra sense of adventure.

A “light variant” is also available for those who prefer secured terrain, where the walking time is longer (about 14 hours) but the exposed section is avoided.

Medal and diploma as award

If you’d like to take on the 4 Peaks Alta Badia challenge, you can first register online at www.4peaks.it. Participants then receive a summit pass. On each of the four peaks there’s a punch bearing a special symbol and, once on the summit, you simply press the respective symbol onto your pass.

All those who complete all four summits in two or more days are certainly worthy of bearing the title “Alta Badia Finisher”. And those who succeed in climbing the four peaks within a single day will be named “Alta Badia Mountaineer” and be granted a place of honour on the online “Wall of Fame”. Participants can also take home a diploma and a medal as a memento.

For those, who would like to have another special souvenir of this challenge, can buy the unique 4Peaks trophy.

4 Peaks Alta Badia

The extreme challenge in the Dolomites

Inform and register in to the new challenge in the Dolomites, conquering 4 of the most beautiful summits of Alta Badia!

More information

  • Starter kit. Choose the Starter kit which suits best for you at the moment of your registration.
  • On-line shop. You have now the possibility to order some 4 Peaks products on our little on-line shop. You will find some products that you can use for mountain excursions, like as fleece sweatshirts, t-shirts, caps, drink bottles, bracelets, sporty towels and more. The sportswear is of the well-known local brand Salewa, a producer of clothing and accessories for the mountains.


For more information: www.4peaks.it

4 PEAKS ALTA BADIA - The most exciting extreme challenge in the Dolomites

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