Fall in La Crusc

The Armentara meadows have been tinged with a bright orange that makes the beauty and uniqueness of the autumn shine even more.

We are now in the middle of the fall and with winter approaching, the re-opening date of the skilifts is not far away anymore.

It won’t take much longer until we get the first snowfalls even at low altitude and the surrounding landscape will slowly freeze under a pearly snow cover.

“But Covid?”

Compared to the previos winter, this one seems to have a more promising outlook from an epidemiological point of view. In fact, as of today South Tyrol is „zona bianca“ (Covid White Zone) which means that restrictions, as well as infections and hospitalizations are strongly contained.

The outlook is therefore much more positive than it was last year, and we are confident that we‘ll be able welcome you warmheartedly again during the winter season. The leaked rumors suggest that the ski areas will be able to reopen to guests carrying a Green Pass certification, however we are still awaiting official instructions from the competent authorities.

We want to ensure the reopening of the ski-lifts, while guaranteeing safety and well-being for all.

Work in progress

Being optimistic for the upcoming season, we have already set to work. Our staff is working hard in the preparation of the infrastructures, which concerns: thorough snow-making system checks, making the slopes safe by placing protections and signs, and preparing the La Crusc WinterPark.

In short, we are doing our best to be ready for the reopening of the ski-lifts, set for 04/12/2021.

Winter is coming

Skiland Rental

Preparations are also progressing at the Skiland rental. We are updating the ski equipment for the 2021/2022 season with many new models of skis, boots, poles, etc. to ensure highest possible quality and make sure even the most expert skiers will have a blast on our slopes.

Reserve now your sport equipment, you will get a discout for the online reservation: www.skiland.it

La Crusc 2 – The new gondola

For those who don’t know yet, the new La Crusc 2 gondola is in operation. The La Crusc 2 gondola was inaugurated in the 2019/2020 winter season to replace the previous chairlift, which became obsolete.

The ski-lift has 21 cabins, with a capacity of 10 people each. The cabins also have heated seats. In total, the plant extends over a length of 958 meters, covering 184 meters in altitude. The hourly capability of the ski-lift equals 1580 people.

In short, a great ski-lift!



We are waiting for you!

Also for this winter we have planned a series of events and gatherings at La Crusc. The timetable in this regard will be released shortly. We are all looking forward to returning on our ski slopes after last season’s lockdown.

We will welcome you with open arms and with an even more pronounced smile than usual, finally moving forward from two complicated years between strict restrictions and total lockdowns.

Photo: Planinschek Freddy e Moling Alex