Culture and ladin tradition

Culture and ladin tradition

“Rait de San Linert” – Horse ride of San Leonardo


Like every autumn a procession in honor of horses and knights takes place in San Leonardo in Badia.

This day created for Leonardo di Noblac “San Linert” born in Gaul, one of the most popular Saints in Central Europe. San Linert decided to take the archiepiscopal route of Reims to help the prisoners. He dedicated then his whole life to assisting the sick and the needy.

On Sunday 4 November, the parade of horses took place in San Leonardo, a small place in the Municipality of Badia.

The day began with Holy Mass, ending with the blessing of cattle.

Meeting opportunity for Ladin people

It is a meeting opportunity for all the Ladins to honor San Leonardo, patron of horses and riders.

The protagonists were not only horses from Val Badia but also horses from South Tyrol, all embellished with crowns and ornaments.

There was also the presence of three bands that are committed to entertain all the spectators.

Furthermore, the presence of politicians gave the event greater importance.


Religious event – Church of Sanit Leonard

In olden times, the procession of Saint Leonard was a day dedicated to prayer.

This year, on the occasion of the 20th year, a miniature of the Parish Church of San Leonardo was created by several local artists.

The Church of San Leonardo is dedicated two saints, Saint Leonard and Saint James. Its current appearance, apart from the Romanesque bell tower, is marked by the Baroque style. The interior paintings are the work of M. Günther, executed in 1778. It is considered, therefore, one of the most beautiful Churches of Ladinia

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