Lauré tla natöra

Lauré tla natöra


In La Crusc / Santa Croce, this summer you can take your PC or tablet with you and, surrounded by a breathtaking view, at the feet of the imposing Sas dla Crusc mountain, you will have the opportunity to work remotely.

In addition to enjoying the excellent mountain air, you can follow your work activities relaxed on the giant wooden deck chairs.

While your children are having fun at the SummerPark La Crusc, in the relax area, inside the park, you can use the free wifi, so that you have the possibility to connect to your PC in the office. You will also find a USB plug to power your device.

In short, a new holiday that combines rest,

fun and a bit of work disposal awaits you at La Crusc!

Last but no less important information:

remember that the holiday should be a time to relax with your family and / or friends, so you should be able to switch off from everyday life and work and enjoy the holiday!

  • Place: SummerPark La Crusc, relax area, village Badia

Password wifi: