New attractions at the SummerPark La Crusc

New attractions at the SummerPark La Crusc

New attractions at the SummerPark La Crusc

From summer 2019 junior adventurers can look forward to two new attractions at the SummerPark La Crusc plus a new picture exhibition.

The summer adventure park at La Crusc is once again offering visitors large and small plenty of exciting and informative things to see and do in summer 2019.

This year sees two new attractions added: the wooden ball run is an exciting obstacle course, while display panels relate the fascinating legend of Dolasila, Princess of the Fanes.

The picture exhibition also presents some magnificent works of art – this time created by the children of the Badia primary school.

There will be the possibility to create yourself the church of Santa Croce, too.

Let’s get the ball rolling…

Curves, chimes, a maze…

Just some of the obstacles to get past as you guide the ball to the finish down the extra-long wooden run.

But there is a reward at the end: the wooden ball can be marked with a personal message and taken home as a souvenir.

The Legend of Dolasilla

The new displays meanwhile tell the fascinating tale of Dolasilla, Princess of the Fanes, considered among the greatest archers in the land as her magic arrows never missed their mark.

Yet a terrible fate awaited her… and, because the story bears countless retelling, the Legend of Dolasilla is also available as a book to take home.

The SummerPark as seen through children’s eyes

The photo exhibition in the little hut also has a new theme this year:

Le SummerPark odü cun i ödli di mituns

(“The SummerPark as seen through children’s eyes”).

Children from the Badia primary school spent a whole day at the SummerPark last autumn, with their impressions recorded in a wonderful series of drawings.

Their imaginative artistic creations can now be seen in the SummerPark hut.

“PASTELNUN LA DLIJIA” – We make in progress the Church of Santa Croce!

Workshop for children, age 8-14 years old

What do you think about creating together the Church of La Crusc/Santa Croce?  You can realize personally your church with the help of the animators and then you can take it home with you as memory of your holiday.

The workshop will be organized at the relax area in the SummerPark La Crusc.

Reservation is appreciated by calling +39 0471 838097 or by sending an e-mail to the address:; it is also possible to take part without advance booking. There is no cost for the workshop. In case of bad weather, the initiative will not be carried out.

Org.: Seggiovia Santa Croce Spa

Hours: from 10.00 a.m. until 01.00 p.m.

Place: SummerPark La Crusc, Badia

Days: Wednesday 31/07 + Monday 19/08