Activities for non-skiers

Activities for non-skiers

La Crusc: more than just skiing

Not in the mood for skiing? No problem! La Crusc is the only ski resort in Alta Badia to offer visitors so many other activities off the slopes, for example fatbiking, tobogganing or winter walks.

La Crusc is a joy not only for skiers but also for pleasure-seekers.

You can also have great fun exploring the sunny side of the Alps without skis: what about an action-packed fatbike tour before you savour some original Ladin cuisine in a traditional family-run mountain hut? Or what about a visit to the historic mountain church of La Crusc, one of the world’s few places of pilgrimage located high in the mountains?

1) „Biking“ through powder snow

The latest trend from Alaska has now arrived in La Crusc: “fatbikes”, that make biking possible where normal bikes cannot go. They open up a whole new vista for passionate cyclists – snow. The wide tyres mean a pleasant and surprisingly easy riding experience even in winter – all without harming the natural environment.

La Crusc is incidentally the only resort in Alta Badia where you can take your fatbike on the ski lifts into the mountains in winter: and from here you can reach all the spectacular places that cannot be reached by lift or gondola.

  • Route 1: Once you arrive at the top using one of the two chair lifts, you ride across the beautiful Armentara meadows towards Badia or La Val. The “Ranch André” hut offers typical Ladin fare for you to enjoy.
  • Route 2: Another popular fatbike tour leads from La Crusc towards San Cassiano via the hamlet of Rüdeferia (path no. 15).

A skilled, professional fatbike guide always accompanies tours in winter to make sure you can explore the wonderful unspoilt scenery in safety.

Your fatbike package

Our fatbike package includes: guide + fatbike hire + transport on lifts (1/2 day tour = € 88.00) available and bookable at Skiland ski rental  (
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Eine wunderschöne Landschaft. Nicht nur zum Skifahren.

2) Tracks in the snow

With the snow crunching under your feet and ice crystals sparkling in the sunlight, a winter hike or snowshoe excursion lets you enjoy the wonderful mountain landscapes around La Crusc with all of your senses. Nestled in between two UNESCO World Natural Heritage sites, La Crusc is the ideal starting point for hikes of all kinds.

So leave the everyday behind and make tracks through the smooth blanket of snow.

  • Route 1: The Armentara high plateau is a paradise for snowshoers. From here one route will take you to Valgiarei/Badia or down to La Val. Stop for a break at the “Ranch André” to savour its Ladin culinary delights.
  • Route 2: The beautiful path no. 15 brings you to San Cassiano via the hamlet of Rüdeferia.

3) Ski touring away from the tourist crowds

With its beautiful panoramas and wide, sunny slopes in the midst of unspoilt nature, not for nothing is La Crusc regarded as the skiing paradise of Alta Badia. There is everything from gentle routes to tough and challenging ascents. Those making the climb up to one of these Alpine vantage points will be rewarded with spectacular views over the Dolomites.

  • Route 1: Start in the village of Valgiarei/Badia and climb via the Armentara meadows to the Church of the Holy Cross. The way down is via the ski slope.
  • Route 2: Start in Rüdeferia/San Cassiano and climb via path no. 15 to the Church of the Holy Cross.
  • Route 3: Start in La Val/Furnacia or Spescia and climb via the Armentara meadows to the Church.

N.B.: Please keep to the marked paths on the way up. Ascending via the ski slopes is not permitted.

4) Tobogganing down into the valley

Tobogganing offers something for everyone who loves winter – young or old, ambitious or relaxed. La Crusc is no different: locals and visitors alike enjoy tobogganing from the Church of the Holy Cross via the Armentara meadows and down to Valgiarei/Badia.

By the way: did know that your toboggan can be carried for free on our lifts?

5) Cross-country skiing: 6 kilometres of pure fun

Enjoy unspoilt nature as you move in almost total silence through the snowy forests: cross-country skiing in La Crusc offers plenty for both expert and amateur skiers. Here you can enjoy the landscape as you gently glide along: on the picturesque Armentara meadows are three trails totalling some 6 kilometres in length, all surrounded by breathtaking scenery.

N.B.: The trails can only be reached on foot from Furnacia/La Val (approx. 20-30 mins. walk). They are only open when there is sufficient snow as there are no artificial snowmaking facilities.

For more info about the cross country slope you can contact the tourist office Alta Badia: