Mountain Biking

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Mountain Biking

On both lifts La Crusc 1 (chairlift) and La Crusc 2 (gondola) the bike transport is permitted, with no additional charge.

Santa Croce is the starting point for many mountain biking trails, always highly appreciated. Immersed in nature and surrounded by a wonderful panorama, you can reach different destinations: from Armentara Meadows to Ranch from André to the villages of La Val, Badia, San Ciascian and La Villa. There is a lot to discover.

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Video Mountainbike at La Crusc

Tour 1: La Crusc – Armentara Meadows – Badia

The trail begins at the Santa Croce sanctuary, passing under Sasso Santa Croce leading to the Armentara meadows, which are included in the Natura 2000 project and are famous for their Alpine flora and their unspoilt nature.

If you need a break or a snack, head to the Ranch da André refuge, located at the end of the Armentara meadows; there you will find tasty local specialities. The Ranch da André is located in a truly scenic position from which one can admire the Gardenaccia, the Odles, the Putia and many other peaks of the Dolomites.

The return by cycle on the way to Badia passes through Cialaruns and Alfarei or, by descending to Furnacia and connecting to Valgiarei (approximately 2 hours 30 minutes).

For those who would rather return to La Val, there is a trail leading from the Armentara meadows towards Spëscia or Furnacia.

Trails: no. 15/A,   “Armentara” symbol, 7/A

Duration: 2 hours

Difference in altitude: 721 metres descent,  134 metres ascent

Length: approx. 9 km

Difficulty: medium-to-easy

Tour 2: La Crusc – Trail 15 – Rüdeferia

The trail begins at the Santa Croce sanctuary and follows the famous no.15 trail which is highly appreciated by cyclists. It is a highly technical trail with very interesting parts. The first part is flat; then it goes down to the forest as far as Rüdeferia in San Ciascian.

The landscape at the foot of the Sasso Santa Croce and Lavarela is truly breath-taking. From Rüdeferia you can reach the towns of San Ciascian, La Villa or Badia. On the way back to the town of Badia, you cross the fractions of Cianins, Craciurara, Oies, Rainè and Ruac Badia.

Trails: no. 15

Duration: 2 hours

Difference in altitude: 721 metres descent,  249 metres ascent

Length: approx. 12 km

Difficulty: medium-to-difficult

Tour 3: La Crusc – Malga Pasciantadu – Castalta – Oies

The tour begins at the Santa Croce sanctuary, goes down through the forest to the Pasciantadu Alpine cottage and reaches the fraction of Castalta. The trail is very interesting from a technical point of view with some very difficult bends.

From Castalta, you can connect to the towns of Badia, La Villa or San Ciascian. If you want to reach Badia, you will cross the towns of Oies, Rainè and Ruac Badia (13, 13/A, 7/A).

Trails: no. 13

Duration: 1 hour 45 minutes

Difference in altitude: 721 metres descent,  141 metres ascent – arrival in Badia

Length: approx. 9 km

Difficulty: medium-to-difficult

Tour 4: La Crusc – Armentara Meadows – Spëscia – La Val – Furnacia – Valgiarëi – Badia

This trail starts at the Santa Croce sanctuary and leads across the Armentara meadows, famous for their magnificent Alpine flora. It continues towards Spëscia, crosses the town of La Val, goes back up to the fraction of Furnacia, connects to Valgiarëi  and goes down to the town of Badia.

The tour is very scenic and offers spectacular views of the Dolomites in Alta Badia, at the entrance of the Fanes-Senes-Braies Natural Park, which is a UNESCO World Heritage site.

Trails: n. 15/A, 18/A, 15, 15/A, simbolo “Armentara”, 7/A

Duration: 4h

Difference in altitude: 721 metres descent – 432 metres ascent

Lenght: approx. 9 km

Difficulty: medium

Information for mountainbikers

· Grant to the walkers always go first;
· Wear always the helmet;
· Evaluate your own skills;
· Check your bike;
· Do not ride alone;
· Respect the nature and the animals;
· Make sure you leave plenty of time for the return trip.

There is no guarantee that the described routes are safe to cycle along. We do not assume any responsibility for physical and/ore material damage.