The cable car La Crusc 2

The cable car La Crusc 2

The second winter season with the new cable car “La Crusc 2”

The skiing and hiking area of La Crusc in Alta Badia is now equipped with a revolutionary innovation: the now old chairlift two-seater “La Crusc” has been replaced by a 10 EUB cable car.

The chairlift “La Crusc”, which leads from the intermediate station to the immediate vicinity of the famous Church “La Crusc/ Santa Croce”, has been operated for 21 years, now it has made its use. The chairlift left the place to the new cable car (10 EUB), with a maximum capacity of ten people, bringing significant improvements.

The new cable car takes passengers four times faster than the previous chairlift: in summer, for example, the chairlift takes about 14 minutes to reach the mountain station, in the future, the cable car will only takes three minutes. Groups, especially those with children, can now be transport much more easily, faster and more advantageous. Modern cable car offer much more comfort and safety, especially for children and senior.

Protection from wind and weather

The new cable car La Crusc is the first lift station in Alta Badia and one of the few of the ski area Dolomiti Superski that is fully equipped with heated seats. Guests are no longer exposed to the weather.

The cable car is also suitable for people with disabilities or using wheelchairs. Furthermore the seats of the lift are foldable allow access to up to three mountain bikes.

With the new cable car, upstream of the station, there will is now a variant path with a slight slope connected to the church of La Crusc / Santa Croce.

Advantages with the new cable car


  • Ski instructors can transport all the group of children in one gondola;
  • Hikers without skis can get on and off the cable car without any problems;
  • Guests are protected from the cold temperatures up to 2000 meters.



  • The cable car can carry up three mountain bikes, the seats are closable and remain clean;
  • Even with bad weather, guests stay dry and protected and can visit the church.
  • Pedestrians can get on and off the cabins with greater ease and safety.

Other important new: the ski slopes at La Crusc/Santa Croce

The ski slopes La Crusc 1 and La Crusc 2 have been improved a lot.

  • On the La Crusc 1 slope, an easy track variant has been created that avoids the steep section, known as “Rô dla Crusc”. Now, the entire ski slopes La Crusc 1 can be classified as an easy blue track. Only the “Rô dla Crusc” section retains the red color, therefore having a medium difficulty.
  • La Crusc 2 track has been enlarged by 15 meters, now offering more space for even more fun skiing.

The snow parks of the WinterPark La Crusc find their place on the two ski slopes and will guarantee fun and pleasure for young and older skiers.