Photo contest: The church of Santa Croce/La Crusc

Photo contest: The church of Santa Croce/La Crusc

Looking for the best photo!

During the summer 2020 will be organized a photo contest in search of the most beautiful shot of the historic Churc of Santa Croce/La Crusc.

At the end of the season, the five most beautiful photos will be posted on social channels and fans and followers will be able to choose the shot they like most.

For the five most popular shots there will be a nice gadget from La Crusc.

Furthermore, the 30 most voted photos will be exposed during the season summer 2021 inside the hut located in the SummerPark.

Duration of the contest: from 1st June till 31st October 2020

How to participate

Everyone can participate in the competition as long as they have reached the majority. It´s easy to participate: you can simply send your photo (one per participant) to the address, max size MB 10, for larger photos please send them with a filetransfer. Sending the photo authorizes the company Seggiovia Santa Croce Spa to use and post it.

When you send the photo, please indicate in the email the following data:

  • name and surname
  • city of origin
  • phone number
  • email address

With this button you can send your best pic of the church of Santa Croce/La Crusc

The photo will be sent to the adress!

Sending the photo you autorize to use it.

Choose your most ideal moment

Well, don’t wait! Take a picture of the 15th century church at the moment you like best: in the morning, in the evening with the enrosadira, during the day or why not, at night? Outside or inside, perhaps some special detail, with or without people? It could be a selfie or a pic with the drone, too.

Your phantasy will have no limits!


Just keep in mind, if you taking pictures of other people who recognize each other, they must have previously authorized you.

Winners of the competition

Communication of the winners

An internal jury evaluated the photos submitted for the competition and chose the five best shots.

It was not an easy selection because the participants really created some beautiful shots of the church.

We thank everyone for participating!

The five winners will get a nice La Crusc personalized laptop backpack as a prize.

Important: our instagram instagram followers and facebook fans will have the opportunity to vote for the shot they like best.

Follow us on social media and remember to vote, too!

Here are the authors of the five most beautiful photos:

  1. Boeckling Michael, Recklinghausen (D)
  2. Annapatrizia D’Onofrio, Roma
  3. Cavalletti Francesco, Orvieto
  4. Peters Andreas, Altbüron (CH)
  5. Fulvio Galeota, Roma

The numbers indicated next to the winners’ names correspond to the numbers indicated on the respective photos.