Prices and Tickets

Opening time and prices – Winter 2023 / 2024

Opening of the season: 02.12.2023
End of the season: 07.04.2024

The opening and closing dates are subject to change.

Opening times

– months December and January: 8.30 a.m. – 4.15 p.m.
– months February, March and April: 8.30 a.m. – 4.45 p.m.

For further information: tel. +39 0471 839645

Prices skipass

– Price list skipass Dolomiti Superski
– Price list skipass Alta Badia

Buy your skipass online and get 5% discount. SKIPASS ONLINE

There is no skipass card only for the ski area La Crusc/Santa Croce, it is included in the skipass Alta Badia and Dolomiti Superski.



La Crusc 1: 4-seater chairlift equipped with disconnectable fittings with protective dome
La Crusc 2: cable car with 10-people cabins
Pradüc: 4-seater chairlift equipped with disconnectable fittings with protective dome
Baby La Crusc: skilift


Winter bike transport:

  • € 4,00 uphill ride with chairlift La Crusc 1
  • € 8,00 uphill ride with chairlift La Crusc 1 + cable car La Crusc 2

The bikes of the Ski Rental Skiland get the lift transport for free. It is not allowed to descend the ski slopes with the fat bikes, thanks.

New gondola La Crusc 2:

From the fully glazed, elegant Diamond cabins, you can enjoy a breathtaking 360 degree panorama over the Dolomites. In addition, the heated leather seats offer even more comfort and safety. Visit us and try the new cable car!

Opening time and prices – Summer 2023

  • Opening of the season: 10th June

  • End of the season: 1st October


Opening times

– 4-persons chairlift La Crusc 1: time 08:30 – 17:30
– 10-persons cable car La Crusc 2: time 08:45 – 17:15


The opening and closing dates are subject to change.

For further information: tel. +39 0471 839645


Free transport of bikes, trollers and dogs.

Lift La Crusc 1: 4-persons seat chairlift equipped with disconnectable fittings with protective dome; mt. 1340 – 1840
Lift La Crusc 2: 10-persons cable car; mt. 1840 – 2015; with the lift you reach the church of Santa Croce/La Crusc



  • Junior, age 8 – 16 (born after 01.01.2007)
  • Baby, age 0 – 8 (born after 01.01.2015) – FREE
  • Reduction for groups: every 20 persons, 1 free ticket; it is important that the group presents a list of the passengers, on letterhead of the group to present at the cash office


Buy your ticket online and go directly to the lift entry!

Avoid to wait at the lift cash and to waste unnecessary time.

You can present your mobile phone or your printed ticket, a QR-code reader will scan it.



With the Alta Badia Summer card you can use all lifts in Alta Badia for the entire season. The card can be purchased at the cash desk of the plants and online. It also offers, for example, various discounts for various initiatives organized by the Tourist Association and for admission to museums.

More information: link.

Buy the Alta Badia Summer card online, you can collect it at the ticket boxes located at the ski pass offices or at the lift cash.



Your card to explore all the areas that are part of the Dolomiti Superski.

For more information: link.

You can buy more types of cards, depending on your needs:

10-persons gondola La Crusc 2:

Going up with the new cable car is a real pleasure. Safe transport of children, older people and people with disabilities. Easy transport of bikes, dogs and strollers. You will enjoy the 360 degree panoramic view from the glazed cabins and the elegant, heated leather seats.

Now it has become easier, more comfortable and safer for everyone to visit the Church of La Crusc / Santa Croce.

Information for lift users: Cardholders accept and acknowledge that the continuous opening and functioning of all lift are not always guaranteed throughout the whole indicated operating period, as the functioning is conditioned by factors out of the control sphere of the facility’s owners and operators, such as e.g. weather and safety conditions, damages of the facility, lack of energy sources, large-scale epidemics or pandemics, any resolution made and/or implemented by the local authorities and other causes of force majeure or unforeseeable circumstances.


In consideration of the current situation of uncertainty linked to the health emergency in progress the period of opening and closing of the lift facilities as well as the operation time indicated in the list are subject to modifications or restrictions. The transport capacity of the lift system facilities and the access to the lift facilities shall be regulated in accordance with the provisions set by the authorities.