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Mountain huts and Restaurants

in La Crusc / Alta Badia

Ütia La Crusc (2.045 m)

Family Irsara

La Crusc, 1
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 839874 – Email:

This refuge is located at the foot of ‘Sas dla Crusc’ in a beautiful scenic location, where you can observe the famous enrosadira of the Dolomites. Visitors can try the house delicacies, such as the well-known ‘Kaiserschmarren’, in one of the traditional stuben (farmhouse living rooms).

Ütia Lé (1.840 m)

Family Valentin Stefan

Str. Lé, 4
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 347 2383927 – Email:

This refuge, together with its terrace, is shielded from the wind and offers a superb view of the Dolomites. Here you have the chance to try delicious charcoalgrilled dishes, as well as special ravioli recipes, homemade ‘Knödel’ (dumplings) and gourmet food.

Ütia Nagler (1.840 m)

Family Alfarei Robert and Giusy

Str. Lè, 3
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 335 6932118 – Email:

This refuge has a spacious sun-kissed terrace and offers a scenic view of the landscape. Its wooden interior and welcoming hospitality create the perfect atmosphere for visitors who can taste traditional homemade dishes. Hut specialties: “Föies da soni cun craut” (patato pie with sauerkraut), homemade desserts.

Ütia L’Tamà (1.515 m)

Family Pitscheider Christof and Richard

Str. Rainé, 25
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 333 4918190 – Email:

Small hut built in a rustic style featuring century-old beams. It offers traditional ladin cuisine. The dishes are homemade with local products and meat from their own farm. It can be reached by car or by foot. Evening meals on Thursdays. Reservation required.

Ütia La Munt (1.330 m)

Family Nagler Martin

La Müda, 1
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 839740 – Email:

Rustic and traditional environment, suitable for an aperitif or a pleasant evening with
live music. Excellent gathering place for lunches or dinners based on tradition food such as game and home-made pasta. Tirolese nights on Thursdays.

Ütia Ranch Andre (1.855 m) – Armentara Meadows

Moling Albert

Armentara – 39030 La Val (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 843174 oder +39 338 6098704

The mountain hut is located on the famous Armentara Meadows. You can reach, the hut starting from La Crusc/Santa Croce, from Arciara (La Val), from Valgiarëi (Badia) or from Spëscia (La Val). Hut specialties: ladin snacks, such as turtres with spinach or sauerkraut, “crafuns mori” (ladin dessert), homemade juices.

Winter activities on the Armentara Meadows: winter walk, showshoe or sled excursion, fatbike tour, ski tour, nordic skiing.

Restaurant Oies (1.530 m) – “The bear cave”

Comploj Rinaldo

Via Oies, 17
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 839671 – Email:

The tavern is located in a scenic position with view on the Dolomites of Alta Badia. Come here to try traditional Ladin cuisine and other particular dishes like specialties with local mushrooms, raclette, meat fondue and dishes with wild meat. The restaurant is alwo known for the stube of the witches and the bear cave. Skiers can reach the restaurant with special free transport by mini-bus or horse-drawn. The restaurant is also open in the evening upon reservation.

Ütia Florian (1.520 m)

Family Frenademetz

Plaön, 38
La Villa 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 333 6770105 – Email:

A friendly lodge with traditional local dishes, post-skiing snacks in the afternoon and delicious dishes upon reservation. Can be reached on foot or by car from the village of la Villa.

Lech da Sompunt (1.550 m)

Family Castlunger

Sompunt, 36
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 847015 – Email:

A friendly and welcoming environment is at the heart of the philosophy behind this
hotel. Traditional Ladin cuisine, healthy and wholesome ingredients, and varied and tasty recipes based on game and fresh trouts.

Ütia Paraciora (1.430 m)

Family Castlunger Klaus and Wilma

Str. Sompunt, 25
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 348 1901014 – Email:

Rustic and welcoming refuge with an animal park and large deer park. Spacious sun-kissed terrace overlooking Santa Croce and Lavarella. Local traditional cuisine, snacks and tasty panini.

Ütia Sponata (1.703 m)

Family Castlunger Werner

Str. Sompunt, 36
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 0471 847847 – Email:

Refuge located on the Gardenaccia and Sponata slopes. It offers traditional Ladin cuisine
specialities and game dishes. Evening meals must be booked in advance and transport via snowmobile or snowcat is available every evening.

Badia Pub, Restaurant, Pizzeria

Family Clara

Str. Pedraces, 53
Badia 39036 (BZ)
Tel. +39 389 6836901- Email:

You will find our pub, pizzeria and restaurant in Badia, located near the “Gadera” river where you will also find the starting point of the path that runs along it and connects all the villages of Alta Badia. Our sunny terrace invites you to relax with the melodic sound of water. The familiar atmosphere is a meeting point for our young guest and for those who are still young inside.

The kitchen is varied and offers pizza, tasty traditional dishes, snacks and different types of hamburgers. Together, cannot be missing an excellent fresh beer or other drinks.

We have a larg parking and can be reached from the main street by crossing a wooden bridge.

The La Crusc/Santa Croce ski area is easily reachable in 2 minutes on foot.

The Clara Family looks forward to see you!