• Klettern in Südtirol, Bergsteigen in Südtirol, La Crusc
  • Klettern in Südtirol, Bergsteigen in Südtirol, Gipfel
  • Klettern in Südtirol, Bergsteigen in Südtirol, La Crusc
  • Klettern in Südtirol, Bergsteigen in Südtirol, La Crusc


Many climbers will already be familiar with the name Sass dla Crusc, a location that has staged great feats of Alpinism for decades.

Famous personalities like Messner, Mayerl, Livanos and Hainz are just a few of the climbers whose deeds have helped to shape history here. After all, the Dolomites of “Sass dla Crusc” should not be underestimated. The area offers diverse possibilities to ascend for climbers of all levels of ability.

At the end of the 1960s, a new route was opened called “Messner al pilastro di mezzo“ (Messner on the central pillars). This climbing route reigned for years as the most difficult in the Dolomites.

Classic to challenging

The mountain is composed of Dolomite limestone. The upper part of the wall is solid whereas the lower part of the wall is brittle. This is especially apparent during some climbing routes, for instance the “Diretta Grande Muro,“ which was named the “most beautiful climb in all of the Dolomites” by climbing enthusiasts.

The majority of the routes could be considered classic, though some of the more modern ones are more challenging like the “Pilastro di Destra,“ “Jugendliebe“ and “Suspiria.” These routes are rated 6b and necessitate climbing with few places to secure oneself.

The professionals

Heinz Mariacher 1

Heinz Mariacher


“There is something magical about the Sas dla Crusc. No other mountain wall in the Dolomites has comparable shapes and colours. It’s a fantastic setting that both inspires and excites all climbers. For me, it’s not just a wall for climbing, it’s also a place to observe and to dream!” – Heinz Mariacher






Nicola Tondini 3

Nicola Tondini


“What is Sas dla Crusc to me? A huge wall, so beautiful yet tough and uncompromising. It’s a canvas of rock on which I’ve had the chance to draw my own paths. My most lasting memory is the sunsets that I’ve seen from up there, suspended from the tiny handholds afforded by the rock of Sas dla Crusc. They alone are reason enough to go back up there.”Nicola Tondini

The rocks of Sas dla Crusc have a lot of freeclimbing tracks – only for climbers with experience!

FREECLIMBING ON SAS DLA CRUSC - With Simon Gietl - emotion pure